9 October 2008

Optimism in Conneticut

If I was anywhere near Westport, Conneticut, USA, I'd be heading over to the Westport Arts Centre to see Optimism, a show curated by Michael Connor (on until 30 November 2008). It feels about as timely as an exhibition could. And it includes, and reminded me of, one of my favourite works - two short films by Walid Raad, part of The Atlas Group Archive. I think I saw them first at the Documenta 11 (the one before last). I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The Bachar Tapes are especially audacious and provocative, and a rare example of political art that packs its punches on both counts. And though it may be fiction, it's nevertheless a truth...   Miraculous Beginnings - the film showing as part of the Optimism show is more on the wry side - fleeting images that are beautiful and poignant, and if you can't get to Westport, then see it here

The Lament of Images, by Alfredo Jaar, was at Documenta 11 too - and that's where the image comes from. And I'm afraid it's the punchline.

Meanwhile..between Westport and New York City lies New Rochelle. And that reminds me of the film Rochelle Rochelle in Seinfeld: "A young girl's strange erotic journey from Milan to Minsk."  

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