31 October 2008

Early cinematic treats at Curzon Soho

Combining a love of early cinema and vaudeville, The Smoking Cabinet returns to the Curzon Soho this December with another packed programme of rare cinematic delights. Highlights include EA Dupont's Piccadilly (1929), Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton in Coney Island (1917), and The Whirl of the Charleston (1927). Plus there will be performances and live music in the bar, which will be suitably themed to the evening's programme (they're promising to recreate a 1920s West End club and a Seaside Funfair).

Last year, I was party to performances by Bourgeois and Maurice and the Future Cinema dancers, and witnessed alongside the heart-breaking splendour of Blue Angel starring Marlene Dietrich, some of the most surreal shorts I've ever seen, including a woman teaching a spaceman how to charleston.

Catch The Smoking Cabinet, 12-14 December at Curzon Soho. Tickets are available from the Curzon Cinemas website.

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