21 February 2011

Lapse: online exhibition

"The technology [work with 3D, inverted camera position, subliminal techniques] and heavily mediated image allows the viewer to look at a slightly altered and dislocated version of the world that calls into question our daily relationship with the environments that we have created and engage with." Helen Sloan, Lapse 2011

Our latest online exhibition, Lapse, showcases the work of five artists who explore the possibilities of time-lapse techniques, including Inger Lise Hansen who made an intoxicating time-lapse work for AnimateTV in 2006.

We could also have included from the Animate Archive - the enigmatic landscapes of Cobra Mist by Emily Richardson, and also Sunset Strip by Kayla Parker, which although it isn't strictly a time-lapse technique is similar to Alistair Ruff's exhibited works in its use of a strict system based process to condense 365 sunsets into one animated work.

We'd like to know what experimental time-lapse works you've seen recently that have made you see the world anew - please share your suggestions via the comments box below and include URLs so we can check out the work.

18 February 2011

Animate and ACE

We'd like to thank people very much indeed for all the supportive comments. We have been encouraged by Arts Council England to make a resubmission to Grants for the arts, and that's gone in. It is for a substantially reduced programme, but their support would allow us to continue, and to work on fundraising from other sources for projects.

We'll keep you posted. And thanks again.