9 October 2008

Bill Domonkos on Lumen Eclipse

This month's online show at Lumen Eclipse features the gorgeous work of experimental filmmaker Bill Domonkos.

Appropriating material from archives and the internet, combined with animation and live action, Domonkos creates sublime and visceral films. I particularly like The Fine Art of Poisoning which is a dark melodramatic tale using Victorian drawings and a macabre soundtrack.

Bill Domonkos is an American artist who studied painting and video art at the Cleveland Institute of Art, before turning to computer animation in the 1990s. He has directed music videos, worked in the gaming industry and designed interactive projects.

'The extraordinary thing about cinema is it’s ability to suggest the ineffable—something that cannot or should not be expressed in words, but only hinted at through sounds and images. It is this elusive quality that informs my work. ' Bill Domonkos

Image: The Fine Art of Poisoning, Bill Domonkos

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