15 October 2008

Collaborative filmmaking

On Channel 4's 3 Minute Wonders this week, to coincide with Frieze Art Fair, Frieze has assembled edited highlights of the entries for Frieze Film 2008. A collaborative film project that invited artists to upload their own and appropriated material to YouTube using Cormac McCarthy's The Road as inspiration. To create your own version of Road Movie, Frieze suggests that the user browses through all 40 entries on the Frieze Film 2008 channel on YouTube.

If you're interested in contributing to an open source film yourself then here are two examples that have recently caught my attention:

The trailer above shows a selection of entries received so far for Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated, a 'mass collaborative animation' that invites collaborators to submit animations/illustrations based on the original masterpiece by George A. Romero. The materials will then be compiled to work alongside the original soundtrack and will be distributed both online and by DVD. You've got until 15 December if you feel inspired to join in.

Or for something more ambitious, why not look at A Swarm of Angels project, started by Matt Hanson, founder of onedotzero, which aspires to be the world’s first internet-funded, crewed and distributed feature film. With over 1,000 contributors since 2006, the projects uses Creative Commons license to allow others to download, share, and remix the original media made for any non-commercial purposes. There are currently two scripts in development, if you're interested in joining the swarm and adding your voice then join here.

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