22 September 2008

Liverpool Biennial 2008

Office trip to Liverpool for the Biennial opening and a jolly time. Especially with good friends at FACT - we are working with them on something very exciting indeed for next year...

Land, by Ulf Langheinrich, is in their main space. A screen of 'noise' - like a furious mass of swarming bees - forms into 3D animated abstractions. It's sensory and sensational, and avoids/counters the narrative pomposity of Douglas Trumbull's 3D movies for the Luxor, Las Vegas. Ulf is in the picture...just snuck to the left of FACT Director Mike Stubbs. Lots of other photos I couldn't post here, but may well do if the cheques don't arrive.

The Biennial's great, though the website and guide material seem to make visiting harder than it should be.

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