23 September 2008

Horse Power at Metal, Edge Hill, Liverpool

Horse Power, a show curated by our friends Al and Al, at Metal's space on Edge Hill station, a £1 return ride from Liverpool Lime Street. For some reason it's not part of the Biennial, but that's the Biennial's loss.

I've never really been able to figure out quite what Metal is for/does, and I always thought the Aga sponsorship was an indicator that it wasn't for the likes of me (I'm more baby belling), but Horse Power is just great - modest, but perfectly put together. A mixed show - painting, video, comic book, and non-art stuff, on the theme of horse power, and inspired by the site of the gallery. It's in building right on the station platform, and it's where Stephenson set off on the steam-powered Rocket in 1830...relegating actual horsepower to history, but sticking with the measure..

The exhibition includes the great avant-garde 2 screen classic Berlin Horse by Malcolm Le Grice, with music by Brian Eno, showing in the downstairs 23 seat cinema. And the brilliant and chilling Dead Horse, by Tim 'bullet time' Macmillan. Tim's made two films for Animate.

The show is a real treat. And there's excellent (if photocopied) booklet, full of interesting perspective. It runs until 1 November, and if you're in/going to Liverpool, we recommend not to miss.

The photo shows Al and Al with Jenny from Metal.

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