25 September 2008

Dummy Jim

You must visit Mr Matt Hulse's website for Dummy Jim - his feature film project about a deaf Scotsman who cycled to the Arctic Circle and back again.  It really is fantastically gorgeous, and rich with animations, drawings and film.

Matt has made two films for Animate - Half Life and Hotel Central.  Oh...and some other stuff too...

I recall that years ago he made a film where he pixillated himself naked, and that got him a spread (as it were) in Health and Efficiency magazine. 


  1. Dear Gary

    Thank you for your kind words about the website. I am sure Matt & the team value your support immensely.

    If I recall correctly, the article in the Health & Efficiency magazine ran with the title 'Film Buff', claimed that Matt had studied Art & PE at college & that he had a flat in Brighton overlooking the nudest beach.

    'Better to wear out shoes than sheets', I suppose.

    Yours aye, Jim.

    PS: Kindly Folk have begun buying badges from dummyjim.com.

    One purchaser even sent a sweet animation of two birds jumping & kissing.

  2. I bought some Dummy Jim badges and they've arrived. And it is thrilling. One of them has a bent nut (as in bolt) on it and it looks like a penis. I kid you not. How does Dummy Jim get things so right? And they were pinned to a postcard featuring Lorna Doone, which is also interesting to me because since I was a child, I've had it in my head that Lorna Doone is set in Scotland. It isn't. It's set on Exmoor. But try saying it..and see how it rolls off the tongue in a Scots brogue....Looorrrrrnaaa Dooooooonnnneeee

  3. Dear Gary

    I am pleased the badges arrived in good shape. The bent nut is an important symbol. It was in fact the cause of my venturing north from Paris - British-made spares were rather hard to come by in the barren plains of Pas de Calais. Indirectly my search for an appropriate replacement took me to the Arctic Circle. That bent nut represents, quite literally, the turning point in my amazing story. God gives, as it were, decent parts, and it is we who bend them.

    I believe Lorna Doone hailed from Brigadoon.

    Yours aye