17 April 2009

Move It on 28 April

We'll be at Picture This in Bristol on 28 April, from 7.30pm, presenting Move It - discussion, drinks, drawing and a delightful screening.

Gary Thomas, Co-director of Animate Projects, will be discussing the process and practices of making drawings move with artists Mark Simon Hewis, Thomas Hicks, John Parry and Sarah Cox. Plus the audience will be invited to have a drink and take part in some drawing as well.

Move It is one event for the Drawing Exchange Festival, which takes place across Bristol 25 April-3 May.

Come join in the fun...

Image: Who I Am and What I Want, David Shrigley and Chris Shepherd

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  1. I filled in the public nomination for Wood and Harrison one year, so that'll put the kaibosh on them ever getting shortlisted. Comedies hardly ever win the best film oscar, and i think it's the same with turner - a sense that film is in itself a bit frivolous, and if it's funny... The idea that you can't be funny and serious at the same time, which as anyone who knows me, is anathema to me.