17 April 2009

Computer Baroque - now online

We are proud to present Computer Baroque, curated by Richard Wright, online from 14 April to 7 July 2009.

Computer Baroque is a selection of defining works in the history of artists’ digital moving image, featuring computer animation pioneers: Karl Sims, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, William Latham, Beriou, John Tonkin, Chris Landreth, Peter Callas, Simon Biggs, Ruth Lingford, James Duesing, Paul Garrin, Shelley Lake, The Butler Brothers and Jason White & Richard Wright.

And there's a great accompanying essay by Richard Wright that explains his choice of films.

Artists wanted to push the computer as far as it would go, to create visual transformations that defied previous traditions, to blend image and music and text, to apply scientific ideas as new sources of inspiration. It created a strident kind of image that insisted on the fact of its own realisation, fleeting paeans to the artificial." Richard Wright.

Please feel free to feed back any comments you have about the exhibition here. Thanks.

Image: Heliocentrum, Jason White and Richard Wright

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