21 August 2008

Blog Number One

We've been going for over a year now, so this blog is overdue...

On animateprojects.org and in  our regular newsletter (subscribe here) we'll continue to feature our films, production materials, interviews, etc, and information about our commissioning and other activity. On the blog, we'll be posting about other news, about things we like, opinion, and other more random things. 

We also hope that the blog is where people will get in touch, contribute comments, made suggestions, ask questions, have a conversation...

One of the things we decided when we put the back catalogue online last year was to NOT invite comments on the films. The main website isn't an open thing like Vimeo or the BBC Network - we commissioned those films, and worked closely with the people who made them. We respect them, and though we're not afraid of criticism, we don't think it should be in the same space we're showing the work.

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