26 August 2008

AnimateTV - new films

The seven films commissioned a year ago for AnimateTV 2008 are all delivered, and we've been filming interviews the artists for the AnimateTV programme. This usually goes out in December, but it's got an earlier slot - in September - around about the time that Channel 4 launches its new website, 4mations.tv. So it's been a busy time putting the programme together for the tighter deadline...but we're just about there...

There's information about the new films at animateprojects.org. The films and interviews will probably be online towards the end of October. And we've got 'live' launches - showing the films, and artist q&a's - in November/December at Aurora (Norwich), Encounters at Arnolfini (Bristol), FACT Liverpool and Tate Modern. Dates confirmed when they're confirmed...

Image: Early Birds, Suky Best

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