12 October 2009

Brrrmmmmm... APEngine: moving image transmission

We are pleased to announce that APEngine - our online channel for debate and discussion across the range of independent moving image practice - is now live. There is already a wealth of articles, film clips and interviews to enjoy over at http://www.apengine.org
Here are some of the highlights that have already been published:

Jen McLachlan on the State of Screen-based Dance
Rachel Baker on the AND Festival and the film/art ‘divide’
George Clark on artist Duncan Campbell and the mediated archive
Gareth Evans on memory, filmmaking, and archive
Maria Palacios Cruz on Contour 09 in Belgium - showing artists’ film in historic buildings
Angela Kingston on artist Jordan Baseman and animation as breakdown
Kerry Baldry’s One Minute Films project, plus One Minute films by Alex Pearl and Nick Jordan
The Jarman Award: recollections of the man himself from James Mackay, David Curtis, Anna Thew and others; and podcast extracts from a 1980s interview with Derek Jarman by Jo Comino

Interviews with filmmakers, artists, producers and curators
Run Wrake, director of Rabbit and The Control Master
Laurie Hill, director of current festival smash Portrait of Jesus
Vicki Bennett/People Like Us, an influential figure in the field of audio visual collage
The Centre of Attention on their new feature Action Diana
Chris O’Reilly from Nexus on new ways of working
Ben Rivers, with his current retrospective at A Foundation in Liverpool

Coming soon...
Urban Screens - Maria Palacios Cruz reports on the Amsterdam conference
An interview with Bruce La Bruce on his new film, L.A. Zombies
Vodcast interview with Oliver Harrison and clips from his new feature, Badinage
The New Education: a special feature on changing approaches to teaching moving image practice
London Film Festival backstory... interviews with LFF Producer Helen de Witt and Avant-Garde programmer Mark Webber
Interviews with… Sarah Turner... Candice Breitz... Aura Satz... The Otolith Group... Jane and Louise Wilson... Matt Hanson… Campbell... Duane Hopkins... AL and AL... Stephen Eastwood... Max Hattler... Mandy McIntosh… Shona Illingworth...and much, much more

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