12 June 2009

We recommend: Feel the Force at Cafe Gallery Projects

Feel the Force, the current exhibition at the Cafe Gallery Projects in Southwark Park, is a group show of 8 international artists who through photography and video explore ideas around the use of force, whether it be psychological, physical, political.

Notable pieces included: the unsettling video piece by Sarajev-born artist Maja Bajevic (image above), where a woman facing the viewer is repeatedly touched in both threatening and tender gestures by an unseen other, whilst the phrase 'how do you want to be governed?' is repeated over and over again. The exhibition also features two lovely video works by Irish artist Susan MacWilliam that investigate supernatural forces; in 13 Roland Gardens, MacWilliam's documents the famous R101 seance of the 1930s, recounted by the daughter of the medium involved. Plus, Benjamin Beker's War Memorial Installation prints, featuring historic monuments cut out of their surroundings: out of context they lose the powerful feelings they were made to invoke and become miniature aesthetic objects.

The exhibition features: Maja Bajevic, Benjamin Beker, Astrid Busch, Kate Gilmore, Immo Klink, Susan Macwilliam, James Pogson, Anina Schenker, is curated by Clare Goodwin and Liz Murray and is on at Cafe Gallery Projects until 28 June.

Image: How Do You Want To Be Governed?, Maja Bajevic

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