29 May 2009

We recommend: Currents of Time at Rivington Place

Zineb Sedira's latest solo exhibition, Currents of Time, opened this week at Rivington Place, east London. The show features new work Floating Coffins, an immersive multi-screen installation complemented by an atmospheric soundscape, thoughtfully arranged in the main project space of Rivington Place. Sedira explores through the piece the graveyard of rotting ships that exists at the Mauritian harbour of Nouadhibou. The work is haunting and beautiful, conjuring up a desolate landscape of migrating birds and grounded ships.

Currents of Time also features an installation of light boxes and photographs collected during the making of Floating Coffins. The exhibition continues until 25 July. Zineb Sedira will be leading an artist's tour on 4 June at 7pm. For more information about this and other related events check out the Rivington Place website.


  1. Antiques MA
    Since discovering that I lived in the middle of the site of an historic artistic community, I have been on a fascinating journey following the trail of the Haslemere peasant arts. A story that needs to be told!