10 March 2009

We recommend: Light Years Away

We are looking forward to Hilary Powell's film Light Years Away, which has its outdoor premiere next Wednesday, 18 March,6.30 - 8.30pm, under Archway Tower, by Archway tube station, London N19. It's one of what looks like an exemplary series of serious but engaging public site projects commissioned as part of the Archway Investigations and Responses programme.

Light Years Away is being shown where it was made - and there'll be a roller rink too.

You can see Hilary's film The Games here. Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw - not an easy man to please unless you're Peter Jackson - called it "a wacky, audacious, often rather beautiful comedy satirising Riefensthalian pomposity."  He's not wrong, and it augurs well for the new one.


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