18 November 2008


Recently I discovered Submarine Channel, a site that regularly trawls the internet for the freshest talent and quirkiest sites the world has offer, as well as showcasing their many cross-media projects. We were flattered to discover that they had included us in their Top 10 curated online video portals, where you can add your opinion on who you think should be in the Top 10. And they ran a short news feature on our AnimateTV commission Damaged Goods.

Recent works they've picked up on their radar: microblogging community Seesmic, the archival delights of Europa Film Treasures and the latest Toshiba Timesculpture advert. Also, it transpires that they are behind the wonderful site Forget the Film, Watch the Titles, which showcases the often under appreciated craft of film title design. Plus, they've got not one, but two interview sections: text based interviews including Second Life filmmaker Douglas Gayeton, film title designer Karin Fong and (one of my favourite animators) Motomichi Nakamura; and video interviews featuring creative folks such as Special FX masters DDT and human sculpture enthusiast Erwin Wurm. And they've even got a shop.

SubmarineChannel - subscribe and let them do the scoping for you.

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