30 March 2011

now let’s see..where are we..

In deciding which organisations to fund (from April 2012) as part of its new Portfolio. Arts Council England took the opportunity to ‘find a balance’ across its investment in the arts - including artform, size and type.

So just what kind of ‘balance’ have they achieved?

They shafted Animate Projects, but we’re just one organisation. Albeit the only organisation focused on experimental animation. Or any other kind of animation for that matter.

But what about the rest..

Some media organisations did well - or at least survive. National agencies LUX (200k) and Film and Video Umbrella (377k), and regional organisations including Film London (320k), FACT (1m), B3 Media (190k), no.w.here (55k), furtherfield (77k), Nottingham’s Broadway (100k) and Brighton’s Lighthouse (120k).

But other digital/media organisations have either been axed or maybe they didn’t apply (ACE said it would publish a list of all applicants, then changed its mind).

As well as Animate Projects, the Arts Council has axed or won’t be funding: onedotzero, PVA Lab, Lumen, Four Corners, Vivid, Picture This, tank.tv, folly, proboscis, Pavilion, SCAN, Mute, Potland Green Cultural Projects, Lovebytes, Media Art Bath, Independent Cinema Office. And digi-friendly types like ArtSway, Castlefield, moti roti, Isis..

The North East’s (brilliant) AV Festival and Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival seem to be the only new visual arts digital media related organisations on the list. Oh, there’s also Somerset Film and Video. Getting 87k. I’m sure they do good work, but they do seem to be emphatically a film organisation. And in the same region as Picture This.


  1. I did some similar analysis of this "balance" and where the big money is going, for the (somewhat ironically, Arts Council grant funded) Market Project:


  2. oh come on, some of those axed just did't cut the mustard in recent years. Survival of the fittest - some really didn't deserve funding anymore.

  3. By "fittest", read most lucrative Clearly making big money is the dominant aesthetic criteria for the arts now: So that leaves out things like animation, or anything experimental, challenging, non-commercial, non-bland...
    Ah well, it's not like we didn't see it coming i suppose...

  4. Does anyone know why The Otolith group was an RFO?

  5. you can read onedotzero's response here. we share animates fate and the ignorance of the funding body to understand a whole area of arts culture that feeds so many areas not least this country's well touted creative industries. http://www.onedotzero.com/blog/2011/04/onedotzero-arts-council-england-decision/


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